Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I made this! Yay! Although Ross helped.

This weekend I went to see The Film Where Everybody Dies (In A Violent And Bloody Way), had to wave bye bye to Ross, which sucks a lot, and went to The Munchkin's housewarming where I was great at Singstar and rubbish at Dance Mat (although Dance Mat was fun and lots of exercise, always a good thing!). Oooh and I got the top that flaunts what I've got...

And in plant news I have one measly cherry tomato on my humugous vines - that was all they made. The Christmas Cactus thinks it's allready Christmas (eeek!) and I suspect one of the hoyas that's not supposed to flower for years has a little flower bud on it. Yay! I bought another one, very naughty, but I think I've lost two cuttings anyway :(

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