Monday, November 20, 2006

3 Cold Street

I love my little house. Yes, it's messy, I can never be bothered to do my washing so there's a backlog of dirty dishes and I seem to have a large pile of dirty laundry too. This weekend I ironed my sheets for the first time ever - I must be growing up, I noticed that they're just not nice when they go on crumpled. Oh dear.

However, a cold house is not a good house to do anything in. For some reason or other half the radiators in my house just ceased functioning, so the only warm rooms are my bedroom and my hallway. Rubbish. This also has been going on for weeks now. I am cold! The other problem is I have a gas heater in my living room. I put this on, place my little rug over me, and bam, I'm asleep. I'm sure this does nothing for my body - sleeping on a small sofa makes me bend all wrong - or for my sleep patterns. Also I keep missing vital bits of CSI and James Bond (i.e. how on earth did he get out of that without being dropped to his death/cut in half with a laser/ruining that particularly nasty outfit (George Lazenby tries to look like Sherlock Holmes... no, no, no, no!)).



Munchkin said...

I'm imagining there's a great deal of meepery in your house at the moment! Feel free to come and hide at mine for an evening (on the rare occasions when I'm actually in) if it's beyond being able to cope with

thisismarcus said...

Your first couple of sentences made me think of where I live! It's cold round there too... new-fangled underfloor heating takes ages to get the place warm. Brr!