Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.. the pouring hailstones?

Actually it wasn't that bad. I had a lovely day out with the Conservation Group who conserve things by cutting down trees. The trees in question on Sunday were in fact evil. They'd been planted in the hope that they'd stabilize the dune system, which they did, but then they also kind of took over the entire place, removing any chance of nice native species to grow. And to cap it all off they've got massive great big thorns on them too. So I ended up scratched and reeking of smoke after they lit a fire to burn said evil trees. We cut down quite a lot of evil bramble too, which I think did the most damage to my poor hands... Oh, and we got caught in a couple of nice downpours of hailstones, which we stood with our backs too and tried to remember not to turn round too much until they'd finished (hailstones in the eyes is not, actually, fun, funnily enough... Would you believe that we actually cleared the hill you can see in this picture, and left only sand? We did very well, and then we got to burn lots of evil plants and then go to the pub to drink cider (well I did anyway) and eat massive concoctions of ice cream, chocolate syrup and maltesers... mmmm

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tone said...

The funniest thing is the letter we got from a random in Scotland telling us how nice sea buckthorn berry jam is and how evil we are for cutting them down. Whatever you conserve, be it sand, grass, trees... you always p*ss off someone really badly! Is a kind of comedy...