Friday, February 16, 2007

A Bit Less Shoop, Shoop, Shoop and a Bit More Aaaargh

Well, I'm back and I didn't break anything! Hooray! Rather than give you an entire rundown of the week, I thought I'd just give you some snippets:-

Saturday night: Just catch last train from London at 11:30, after worrying all the way from Stratford I'd be horribly late, get back to Bristol after a short sleep at 1:40 with sore feet and then having to walk all the way home, get to bed finally around 2:30 after finally finishing packing, get back up again after not much sleep at 3:30, get lift to airport at 4:10, get plane at 7, sleep on plane, get on bus, sleep on bus, get to resort at 1pm. Get skis, go to bar. Fall asleep in deckchair while everyone else drinks beer. Go inside when it gets cold, fall asleep whilst sat on sofa while everyone else drinks beer.

The chalet host was 9 years younger than me, and I think I was the youngest in the group. He was mooning over some other chalet girl from the group. He did try very hard to solve most of the chaos in the chalet that wasn't entirely his fault. He also made a mean biscuit cake (cue me getting very hyperactive on sugar).

The ipod I brought was put on some speakers so everyone got to enjoy my kind of music and make various comments on the cheesiness of the music, and the randomness - well, there's Belinda Carlisle, Aerosmith, Samantha Mumba, Coldplay, Doves and Abba just to mention a few...
Down a ski slope the thought goes through my mind: "Congratulations. You have just chosen the steepest part of the slope to go down."

Solving a work-related problem whilst trying to go to sleep, and getting annoyed at myself. I was on holiday!

Commenting that I wasn't looking very pretty (I meant ski style-wise) coming down the last slope in a cable car, only for an unknown bloke opposite us to pipe up, "You were looking very pretty from behind". Whimper...

Getting more bruises off slope than on - my skiing has got to the point where I no longer fall over (and therefore get worse and worse at skiing because I don't want to fall over). On Friday night I fell twice in about five minutes down a slope and landed on exactly the same place both times! I also have various USHIs (Unidentified Skiing Holiday Injuries).

Getting home on Sunday only to get to a cold, untidy and quiet house. It was strange to share so much time with people and then there to be nothing. Then I fell asleep during Natural World.

Finding that in fact people you know can become proper friends - it's funny how you can know someone, but not really know them, if you see what I mean. I hope that I have made an "acquaintance" become a friend. Also being the person that people tell things like "I have a really bad farting problem today". Thanks for that.

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