Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When People Stare...

Someone stared at me yesterday. I had an irrational urge to turn round and shout "What?!?" but then I realised, what was the point. I would be bringing more attention to myself. (I have, on occasion, actually stared back. They usually get the point.)

See, I don't mind people looking, it's when they go for the second look, as if to check what they've seen is really true that gets me. Yes, I am tall. Yes, I am (most definitely) a woman. Get over it.

The second time I went to France was the first time I really noticed it. I would stand on the Metro and guys would get on the train, look at me, and then look again, most pointedly at my legs, as if to check I wasn't wearing massive heels or something.

Didn't anyone tell them it was rude to stare?

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kalz said...

I live in a country (Italy) where people stare a lot and during my visits in Uk I noticed the difference. Don't know what causes the difference, maybe a different culture or a different way to approach people