Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tall Dating -

Well, last year I was going to write a second part to my dating post entitled

This is because there was a moment when I decided to try out online dating. It's not specifically directed at any particular online dating site - I mean, I could have entitled this E-Disharmony, but sounded so much better!

The problem was the interesting men were few and far between. As I've described before, I'm quite specific about what kind of man I want. And trying to be specific, i.e. a man above 6'4, close to London, the results were very sporadic. There were a few nice men but none responded to my messages. Those that sent me messages were all short, and most of them were black (again, just not my type). The only taller guy that sent me a message lived in America - not exactly close to London!

But I haven't posted about this because I have started a new period of stability of my life. This is because I found a man in the real world (well, in the Tall Persons Club world). He is tall and I am happy. Apart from he lives in Northumberland.

Ah well, you can't have everything!

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