Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Take one large gun, some sawn-off horns and a load of red paint and what do you have? Hellboy. This bloke is definitely someone you'd want on your side in a fight. Although, apparently he's only 6'5 so I'd be staring him right in the eyes. And possibly wanting to run away...

The film's premise is that the Nazis opened up a hole into the nether world in order to aid their dying cause, and before this could be shut Hellboy was let loose into this world. Ok, fine. To be honest it was a very beautifully made film but the scenes didn't seem to stick together very well and I didn't really see the point in the addition of Fishboy and Flamegirl (of course this is not what they're called in the movie but that's what I think they should be called...).

A bit too Hollywood in my opinion. Overall rating= :| (where :) is the best and :( is the worst!)

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