Friday, June 09, 2006

My Week, In Quotes, Actions and Pictures

"They're like Tweedledee and Tweedledum but with legs" - Hilary comes out with another classic to describe Ross and Rob
"Minimi?" - must be said in a high pitch. Ellie doesn't know the answer.
"Weeeeeeeeee!" - must be said while using office chair as toy, as in whizzing round and round in a circle...
"Door says no..." This being the phrase of the week, it has been used repeatedly for everything from ourselves to inanimate objects, but this one was the funniest.
"La la la la la" - this is an Elaine thing to do, but, unsurprisingly, I have picked it up and now use it a lot.
"Boo" - Elaine says this in a non-scary way, and is amused when I say "Argh!"
"Thankyou for giving me my girlfriend" - you know people can't be like gifts, but glad you're pleased anyway!
"Dan Brown Just Got Richer" - I found this a particularly amusing alternative title to "The Da Vinci Code" by Marcus.
"Shiney" - this may be the next phrase of the week. I bought new clothes at the weekend and they were shiney. I know it's spelt wrong, but that's how it's said, OK?
"It's like stickers but with plants" - Hills finds people online to send plants to, and they'll send plants to her. This causes much excitement....

Scratching against the door like a cat to be let in (you try opening a code door with your hands full!
Clapping like a small child when we're excited (involves clapping very fast right in front of your face, with optional bouncing...)
Spinning round on the chair (whilst saying weeee, as above!)

Hills gets Singstar, again. I was sad enough this time to take a picture of it, like when I used to win the hard Minesweeper... I think maybe I should get out more/not be on the "easy" setting...

I made this! Well, almost. The rose was there. But it might not have looked so pretty if I hadn't watered it and fed it. The hanging basket I did plant, however I used pinky/purple flowers which means it clashes a bit... next time I will try harder!

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