Thursday, June 08, 2006

Time For Tea

I love tea. Also, I don't just drink bog standard tea so I thought I would compile a list of my top ten teas:-
1. Green Tea with Jasmine - very relaxing, just right for when you need calming, or just because you're having chinese. I don't drink it enough.
2. PG Tips - mostly because this is what I drink the most, and it makes me go "Aaaah". No, not "oooh" like in those random adverts.
3. Oolong tea - this is tea that's between black and green. Sadly I finished my last lot so now only get this when I can be bothered to make at my parent's house.
4. Russian caravan - this used to be my favourite, but I drank it too much so has slipped down the list. Still nice occasionally.
5. Japanese green tea with rice - I went to the tea shop near me recently and tried this, it's goood. Very good for upset stomachs, and relaxing too.
6. Green tea - Hongruo, my Chinese lab-mate, brought me back some proper chinese green tea recently. You can really taste it. Mmmmm....
7. Rooibos - again, another new one for me, but not bad all in all. Quite refreshing.
8. Peppermint tea - in Egypt we drank a lot of this. The little tea man in Cambridge, who I miss terribly, gave me some mixed with green tea. Good for upset stomachs and after meals.
9. Vanilla, Ginseng and Blackcurrant - for the days when you really can't wake up, this is a good alternative to coffee and tea. Needs to be stewed, otherwise tastes of nothing...
10. Echinacea - good for colds. Smells like grass (and looks quite yellow). I have a tendency to put my echinacea tea bag in with my PG tips bag, and this seems to work. It does make me feel better, but it could be completely in my mind...

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Tone said...

You have an awful lot of remedies for upset stomachs...