Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition

A few thoughts for a sleepy warm Thursday lunchtime...

Tiddlywinks. It's my new swear word. I say it usually on the badminton court but it now seems to be creeping into my lab words as well.

The River Avon. Surely there's one in Bristol and Salisbury. They can't be the same river???

The World Cup. My prediction: England will meet Argentina at some stage, and it will get to penalties. Whether we win that game or not will determine whether we win the cup.
As an aside, why does listening to Three Lions give me the goosebumps?

My head. Why do I require at least 9 hours sleep a night? Having had less than that this week, I currently feel like my head's full of gravel. Humph.

Plants. Why can't they just get on and flower, instead of taunting me with buds for weeks? Makes me think of Monty Python; "I taunt you with my buds! I will never flower in your general direction!"

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