Monday, January 02, 2012

An Inauspicious Start to Janathon

Well I feel like I've fallen at the first hurdle really. I took my running gear with me to Northumberland with the best of intentions. I even managed to go for a run with Stu on New Years Eve, who despite grumbling, enjoyed the run so much he was off miles un front of me - the guys on cycles coming the other way told me I'd better get a hurry on to catch him up - ha there was no chance of that given he's a marathon runner and I've only just made it to 5k! New Years Day exercise consisted of walking to a pub, and as the blokes would say, lifting a few pints is exercise, right? Erm well, never mind.
And so on to today. The feat of endurance I have just had to undertake is standing in the vestibule for 3 and a half hours. This has left me thirsty, numb, achey and exhausted. To me, this sounds like exercise!
But, joking apart, tomorrow is when my workouts begin. The diet starts up and I begin my "detox". Let the fun commence!

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