Saturday, January 07, 2012

Shopping and Sushi

Today's Janathon exercise was yet more walking I'm afraid. I got a whole load of sleep last night, and although I wasn't exactly feeling great this morning the feeling of glass in my throat had at least subsided. I started coughing instead, so I am a little worried that it's going down my windpipe. Nevertheless I had a couple of things to get this morning. I wanted to look into getting a new pair of gloves to keep my hands warm when I'm cycling. I believe I suffer from Reynaud's syndrome, and I have to try and keep my fingers warm when I'm on the bike, otherwise my fingers go numb and white halfway through my ride. It's not very comfortable! I was using my skiing gloves but unfortunately they really didn't give me much reach around the brakes, not very safe! So I walked to Spitafields to check out Evans and Cycle Surgery and see if they had any good cycling gloves. After that I walked on to Chancery Lane via lunch and bought some running gloves.
According to multimap I walked nearly 4 and a half miles today. Which is pretty good going.
And when I got home I made sushi using my new rice maker.
It came out well... and I've got leftovers for tomorrow. Yummy!

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