Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lessons Learnt In Central Bristol

1. Always wear a Helmet
I'm going to be serious here. On Wednesday night a bloke cycled down Park Street and never made it. He was not wearing a helmet, and this may have saved his life. If we can learn anything from this it is to wear a helmet. Please.

2. When in groups of five, wear a costume?
I came through the centre of town the other day and went past a group of five men wearing sailor uniforms. I was going to write something about men in uniform (arrogant but yummy) but then, as I cycled on, I noticed five people wearing bride's dresses, two of which were most definitely male. This was getting more curious. Then I went past five people wearing commando uniforms. At this point I realised there must be teams of five all dressed in the same uniform doing something round Bristol. I'm sure they had fun...

3. If it's going to go to waste, let everybody enjoy it

I came past this rather bizarre image on my way home yesterday. I believe it had happened just before I came past in the morning as they were arranging the flowers as I went past. I have no idea whatsoever how this happened, as this lorry is right in the middle of a pedestrian/bus area. I can only believe that it came careering down Park Street and somehow managed to end up here. Ooops.


Tone said...

Meep... The cyclist may not have expired yet, it was only a comment on the evening post web I think... can't find any proper reports on his condition. Was quite disturbing being there. D'oh

Groups of 5 people in costume is jsut strange. Walked past a golf pub tour last week tho, always funny til they drink too much

That truck crash is properly weird. I really does look like it's crashed there and they've just spread the flowers out for people to look at. Very strange...


Hilary said...

I heard he'd died on the radio the other day.....

Damn! The flowers were a work of art! I'd been duped!