Thursday, July 13, 2006

Body Matters

I am tying up a few loose ends here.

First of all, a few months ago I wrote about my weight problem and what I was going to do to solve it. Allegedly I now weigh 15 stone, which means I've lost 5 pounds in 4 months. Well, at least I haven't gained weight. Anyway, most people apart from my immediate family tell me that I don't need to lose weight, so instead I'm going to start to focus on toning up instead and trying to eat as healthily as I can within reason and cravings. There we go. Maybe in another four months I'll give you guys another update.

Also my friend Marcus has been bugging me for weeks about whether I've done another HNT. I find this a little suspect, but am bored enough to present this little offering. I took it specially after going to badminton and it was bloody hard work. Anyway, that's the final one, and it comes with a small "some flesh on show" warning.


Tone said...

Meep. No more HNT please... And warning before flesh next time!

I'm with the toning instead of weight thing. Only lose weight if you're legs don't work, otherwise just go for a flat ish stomach and be done with it...

I'm not sure summer is good for the figure. Apart from salad, it's all sitting around eating and drinking, BBQs, weddings, holidays etc. And I still need chocolate and beer, but now I need chilled white wine and burgers too!

Meep, hoping for a continuing "just flat enough" stomach


thisismarcus said...

"No more HNT," Tone? What are you doing to Hilary's confidence?!!!! :)

I agree re: weight vs. toning. People tell me the same thing (and I tell myself it too). Good to see you found the motivation in that picture!