Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blame It On The Boogie... Or The Tall People (Part One)

Ah... August weekend. What to do - spend a weekend chilling out at home being fed by my mother and being the general dogsbody, going out with friends to camp in Croyde, getting rained on, or do something completely different with tall people?

Well, it had to be the tall people. The weekend started with the trip to Nottingham. The train station always seems to be three minutes ahead of me so maybe stopping to get cash when I only had three minutes to go was probably a stupid idea. Never mind, after much swearing I was on the next train a little poorer. The weekend may have started on a bad footing but was made much better by being able to find Ross and Rob (Tweedledum and Tweedledee with legs) in the pub next to the train station as soon as I did turn up in Nottingham. The hall we were staying in was a 20-minute trip from Nottingham in the very pleasant town of Eastwood. It was lovely, although a little bit claustrophobic - the corridors were a tad narrow for my liking!
We were supposed to have a barbeque for Friday night, but it rained. So they gave us food inside, which we were particularly grateful of after not eating since a pasty at lunch. The Directors dressed up as members of the Robin Hood tale (including one particularly fetching bloke, Stuart, in a Maid Marian outfit. Nice.) . Then there was big snakes and ladders, twister and kareoke. I lost the snakes and ladders, there was only half a twister (?) and went for singing Dream A Little Dream, again.
Saturday was "cultural day". We went to Nottingham Town centre to view the Robin Hood statue. I think most Nottingham residents get annoyed with the fact that that's all people associate Nottingham with. Well at least they don't always think of the fact that Nottingham has the one of the highest violent crime rates in the country! We spent some time in the caves looking at where they had bomb shelters (and then wondered if sandstone would actually protect from a bomb when it can be rubbed away with bare hands) and went on to the "Castle". Of course, Nottingham castle is actually a manor house and not a castle, but we weren't bothered. Especially when the group was approached by the local news and Ross got filmed for half a second...
Ah! And who was right beside him... Yes, little old me! Standing between Ross and Karsten (that's the other tall bloke, possibly just a wee bit taller than Ross at 7'4), which happened a lot to me, actually made me feel quite small!
After our starring role we got to have lunch and spend a little bit of time going round the castle before being picked up in our as-spacious-as-they-come- but-still-too-small-for-Ross coach. Our tour guide spent the trip to Sherwood forest telling us about Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. The whole way, which was an hour and 40 minutes, or so I was told. I was told this, as despite the fact that our tour guide had a very loud voice and there was a speaker right above my head, I managed to sleep through a large percentage of the tale....

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