Sunday, August 20, 2006

Don't Tell Me Not To Fly, I've Simply Got To

I'm sorry, but Morris Dancing has to be one of the most eccentrically English (or is it British, I don't know) things there is. Grown men waving hankerchiefs with hats decorated with flowers. All with bells tied round their legs. Bizarre. Although I'd never seen a beast before. I just looked that one up. Apparently Morris dancing is thought of mostly as a English tradition, and is traditionally male. Although there are some groups who have women dancers too (well I was just wondering!).
This display was all part of the Bristol Flower Show, where, shockingly enough, I didn't buy any plants. Before you all gasp in wonder, I did buy some cider. Local scrumpy in a milk-style bottle. Nice. As well as some andouiette-style pork with stuffing bun (for those of you who aren't Jocelyn, andouiettes are rather disgusting local sausages we mistakenly purchased at a festival in Paris. Blargh.). I watched some fire cadets do five things with a ladder. I was a bit disappointed because I was hoping that firemen might be big and sexy and do some fire demonstration but apparently today it was just a few spotty teenagers with a ladder and a tarpaulin. But they did tie someone up which I guess was kind of exciting...
The final show was a magician. This bloke was actually quite a good entertainer as well and spent most of the time talking and not really doing any tricks, and seeing as he didn't know many this was a good thing. I was really entertained actually, especially with the Three Chairs And A Table Top trick which involved a lot of precarious balancing... oh, and three juggling balls, of course

Meep. And yes, he did get on that big unicycle in the front, and proceeded to circle round the entire crowd at much pace!

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